Support App FAQs

Can't find a follower in the list.
If the email of the person you'd wish to select as a follower on your ticket doesn't appear in the list, no problem! This just means that person has yet to be entered into the database as a user in your organization. You can request to add additional users via email or via a Support Ticket.
What type of files can I attach to my ticket?
The file attachment fields can support any type of file, including .pdf, .png, .jpg, .doc, .xls, .csv, and more.
Is there a size limit to a file attachment?
Yes. Any attachment must be no more than 100MB in size.
How can I see tickets submitted by other members of my organization?
If you feel like you should be able to view all tickets submitted by members of your organization, and you currently can not, please let us know.
How will I know when my ticket is being worked on?

As the creator of the ticket, you will automatically receive an email when either of the following happens:

  • The status of your ticket changes.
  • A Synctivate agent sends a message related to your ticket.
Will the followers I've added to my ticket also receive notifications?
Yes. As a follower on the ticket, they will receive the same notificaiton emails when the status changes or an agent sends a new message.
What does it mean when a ticket is in Review status?
The Review status is typically used when a Synctivate agent has worked through a ticket but would like the client to review the changes before switching the status to Completed.  
What does it mean when a ticket is in On Hold status?
The On Hold status is typically used when a Synctivate agent has reached a point in the triaging process where more information is required in order to complete the ticket. This could be something that the client needs to provide to the agent, or something out of the control of the agent that requires additional time and/or resources.
What does it mean when my ticket is in D - Dev Request status?
When a ticket is put in status D - Dev Request, this means that the issue in question will take some time to work through, typically usually more than four hours. Because of this, we transition the request to a separate bucket of tasks but will continue to update the support ticket as our team works through it.